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There are three parts to a delivery app, one is for the customers, the other is for the people who are the administrators and the last part is for the delivery executives.

  • The customer’s application is the biggest part and the other two are comparatively smaller.

  • The admin part is for the restaurant owners who accept orders and communicate to the customers if something is not available.

  • The last part is for delivery agents and it is designed in such a way that it helps them accept delivery requests and also navigate to restaurants and the address of the person who orders food, groceries or medicine 

Even if the admin part and the delivery agent part are less complex to develop they still hold great importance. If they are not built with care and do not have all the important features, the services provided will not be good. This is why it is important to know all the important features for developing a delivery application so that it works smoothly.

Before making a  delivery app, there are some important  delivery app features that need to be considered. All the important features to be included in these three parts are mentioned separately below to make it easy for the readers:

  • Application For Customers

  • Admin Panel

  • Application For Delivery Agents

A. Application For Customers



  • Sign up And Sign in

It is important to create this option because, well, there is no other way to create a distinct identity that can help them order and get the delivery at their address. This is something where users will put in all their details and also will be able to update them whenever they want to. This part of the application allows the users to keep their information synchronized when they log in through a different device or through a web browser.


  • Search Bar 

This feature helps users to find exactly what they want. These  delivery app features should allow users to search by the pharmacy restaurant, food, type of cuisine, and location.

Search options should also be able to understand and translate if the customers type in various different languages. The search filter is very important, knowing that there are so many options on these applications. It can get really confusing if people have to search through all the restaurants.


  • Outlet's profile Profile

Users should be able to view the profile of the restaurant from which they want to order. The profile will be created by the restaurant owners themselves and will contain all the relevant information about them so that users can understand them better. This is important so that users can find the exact type of restaurant that they are looking for.

  • Option To Add product To The Cart

The users should be able to add all the available food items in the menu to the cart. This feature should be easy and should allow customizations. This is important so that people don’t have to keep remembering what they want to order and can select their favorites right away.

Also, they should be able to customize the cart later. The cart and individual products can have different options or combo deals and they should be customizable according to the preference of the users.


  • Scheduling Orders

Just like all other on-demand services, users should also be able to schedule their food delivery. They should be able to set their order and the time at which they want it delivered.

This will make it easy for many users who might want their food delivered at particular times and might not get enough time to order it right away. This is great for professionals who want to order lunch or dinner or medicine or groceries  for themselves.


  • Contact Details Of Assigned Delivery Agent

This is important so that users can contact the delivery agent to tell them some specific instructions related to food that they can pass on to the restaurant. Also, it will allow them to give the delivery agent the correct idea of the location. If the delivery agents get late the users can call them to ask them the reason behind it.

There are many uses of having the delivery agent’s contact details and this is the reason why it is important to add this in the application. Every food delivery app now has this feature and it is almost mandatory for all the food delivery apps to have this feature.

  • Easy And Trending Payment Options

There should be options through which users can pay easily and they should also be in trend. There are many new and easy payment options like UPI, PayPal, and digital wallets that should be included.

Payment through debit and credit cards can also be made easy with the help of new gateways like Razorpay. It is important for people to easily pay digitally. This makes the delivery faster and experiences better.

  • History of Orders

People should be able to see their order history. There should be an option to re-order items. This is something that allows the users to find the food items that they have ordered and liked or the ones that they didn’t like.

The history should have all the information like the items ordered, the bills, and the ratings that the users gave. This helps them make better decisions sometimes.

History can also help users to report a problem in any order that they have placed. There are some problems that people realize after some time and people can report those problems by going to the order history.

  • Current Status And Tracking Of Order

This is a real-time feature that is very beneficial to customers. When an order is placed, customers tend to wait for their arrival. But there is an option of real-time tracking with which users can easily track the movements of their order such as time of being accepted by the restaurant, time of packing the order, the delivery boy’s route and time, and whatnot.

They can check the status from time to time. This not only provides transparency to the delivery service but also helps in assuring customers that their order will reach them in the given amount of time. This makes the wait less annoying and bearable to the customers in times of hunger.

  • Option To Rate And Post Reviews Of Ordered Products

The option for reviewing and rating other food delivery app features of the application such as the ordered food, delivery service, delivery boy, layout and interface of the application, etc can prove highly beneficial to the company, restaurants, pharmacy as well as the user.

It is an easy way to get feedback about the service as well as the application. It also helps customers to get an insight into the whole scenario of product delivered by each and every pharmacies.

Additional Features for Customer Panel

Other than the basic features required for customers to place an order, here are some of the  delivery app features which can enhance the user experience and are also helpful in marketing.


  • Offers, Promos Coupons, And Many More

When a customer is between the navigational and transactional stage, offers, coupons, or discounts can provide them an additional benefit turning into immediate conversion/sales. Everybody likes discounted food, medicine or groceries it gives the buyer immediate satisfaction as soon as they buy discounted products with attractive deals. 


  • Push Notifications  

The customer with fewer visits and limited session time can be converted on a regular and loyal customer via notifications. Although this can also frustrate the customer if done aggressively spamming them every day. Hence, push notifications should be sent in a balanced manner with attractive content to persuade buyers to place orders.

B. Admin Panel

  • Registration Of The Restaurant / Pharmacy / Groceries in The App

This is a feature that allows owners to list their entitryon the application. They can enter all the details of their entity and add their menu and images of theoutlet This is something that will attract customers and make it easy for them to identify what they want.


  • Assigning Order To Delivery Agents

Outlets need to assign orders for delivery to delivery agents. There should be a feature that allows them to send a request to delivery agents who are nearby. This should be easy and should have a GPS navigation integration so they also know where the delivery agent is.


  • A Dashboard

There should be a dashboard to manage the restaurant. Admins should be allowed to see all the food delivery app features that they can use to improve, customize, and add content to their restaurant.

This is the place where they will be able to see all the important statistics, order history, and order requests. The dashboard is important for delivery applicatrion development


  • Content Management

Entity  owners need to add content to their r profiles. They should be able to modify the menu, they should be able to add extra customizations to the list. This is the place where they can describe the specialties and unique factors of their outlet


  • Order Management

Once the profile is complete, the admins should be able to manage orders. This is the part where they can accept or reject orders according to the availability of the items and the location of delivery.

Additional Features for Admin Panel

Other than the basic food delivery app features required by the admin to manage the fulfillment of every order, here are some of the features which can enhance the management, effectiveness, and efficiency of the Admin’s work. 


  • Account Management- 

The outletets should have an admin feature so that they should be able to manage the product list. Managing payment and the financial option can add more flexibility to the restaurant owners. 


  • Analytics

Analytics are extremely useful for restaurant owners in multiple ways. The analytics give information about the earnings at different periods of time, the number of customers, demographics, etc. It can help the owners manage the pricing and further provide customized orders. 

C. Application For Delivery Agents

Analytics are extremely useful for the owners in multiple ways. The analytics give information about the earnings at different periods of time, the number of customers, demographics.

  • Registration And Option To Edit Profile

Delivery agents should be able to register through a feature. Just like admins and customers, they should also have an option to modify their profile. This is important so that the restaurant and customers can know the identity and contact of the delivery agent. This is a feature that should be added to every food delivery app solution.


  • Order Management

Delivery agents have to deliver many orders per day and it is possible that they might have more than 2 orders with them sometimes. To manage all these orders and avoid confusion, they need to have an order management feature.

This is something that will allow them to prioritize between different orders, as they can choose the ones they want to deliver and the ones they want to reject. This is one of the most important food delivery app features.


  • Navigation And GPS Tracker

This feature will help delivery agents in finding their way to restaurants and to the addresses of the customers. This is one of the most important features that should be included in a food delivery app. Without this feature, it will be really difficult for delivery agents to deliver orders quickly. Late deliveries or no delivery can ruin the business.


  • Updating Status Of Orders

This is another important feature. Delivery agents should be able to update the status of the orders. There are various stages – one is when they accept that they will deliver an order, and then when they have reached the location. After they reach, they update again when they pick up the order and are on the way, and finally, the last update is done when they deliver the order.

The status update is important so the customer knows the status of their order and tracks where it has reached. This also makes sure that delivery agents communicate well with customers. It is one of the important parts to improve customer relations.


  • Wallet

This wallet helps agents to manage payments that they receive after they deliver orders. This makes it easy for them to calculate their commission and get it directly without any interference. There are many other benefits of having a wallet in a delivery application. A wallet is one of the most important features of a food delivery app solution.


  • History Of Delivery

This is something that helps delivery agents to analyze how much work they have done and the reviews that people give them after the delivery of their order. This helps them to improve their services and improve continuously. A restaurant mobile app development company should keep the history of orders and delivery in mind always.

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