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About Us

We design and develop everything you could imagine ...

Everything in nature grows or dies. Six tring Inc. is a place friendly to people, but not friendly to stagnation. The work we do for our clients has to provide them with measurable value, contributing to the development of their companies and unleashing their full potential. Everything we do is to be effective and increase the value of our customers. When we do this, we enhance our value, too. The values we hold are a characterization of what kind of people we are and what we are driven by, and why we are effective. Effectiveness is a result of our values — they work hand in hand.Good engineering and design demands thoughtful tradeoffs. We pride ourselves in being able to articulate the pros and cons of tough decisions, and make smart recommendations in the best interests of our clients. We know that the Perfect is often the enemy of the Good. There are always several viable options when building software, and someone who tells you otherwise is simply selling you the solution that they want to build.We build software because we love it. Doing what you love for a living is wonderful, and we don’t take it for granted. Being passionate about what we do means we put our heart into it. We come with some strong opinions, but being professional and practical means that our passion motivates us.
Even though great code and elegant design have a certain beauty, we know the difference between art and engineering. Good engineering and design has to be repeatable, and that means following a defined and disciplined process. 

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